Better Call Saul: 20 Breaking Bad Easter Eggs You Might've Missed

Did you spot the one who knocks?

One of the great things about the first season of Better Call Saul is that it refuses to live in the shadow of Breaking Bad. Despite the fact that it is a spin-off from that incredible series practically everything about it carries with it a unique stamp of its own. Still, without Breaking Bad there would be no Better Call Saul, and while the series largely takes place before the events surrounding Walter White's descent into the criminal underworld, the makers - including Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and his collaborator Peter Gould - are not averse to throwing in the occasional Easter egg and reference. After all, the two shows exist in a shared universe so it's a given that elements from one may well show up in the other. With ten episodes of Better Call Saul under the belt there's plenty of material for fans to scour through in an effort to uncover a hidden gem lurking in the background or a reference in the dialogue which ties into Breaking Bad, some fairly obvious, others completely obtuse that only the most eagle-eyed viewer might spot. Here are 20 Breaking Bad Easter eggs from Better Call Saul - how many of them did you notice?

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