Better Call Saul: The Impossible Chuck McGill Quiz

Remember, confidence is great but facts on your side is even better!

Chuck McGill Better Call Saul

Most TV critics were absolutely unanimous in their praise for Michael McKean’s breathtaking performance as the bitter and complex Chuck McGill in Better Call Saul, with many going as far as claiming that nobody gave a better turn on television in 2017 than him.

Somehow McKean failed to secure the Emmy nomination he so richly deserved for his heartbreaking descent into inescapable madness, portraying a genius who gets lost forever in his mental illness and sees no other alternative but to commit suicide in the most violent way imaginable.

Chuck was the older brother to “Slippin’ Jimmy McGill and it was Chuck's arrogance and ego and insecurity and jealously over his younger brother that would strain their relationship. They both love each other but their complicated history and personality clash is too much for either of them to overcome to exist in solidarity.

In truth, we could never know when we first saw Saul Goodman how tragic his real backstory was. The death of his brother directly leads Jimmy McGill into becoming the sleazy lawyer we all knew in Breaking Bad.

But how much do you remember about the Senior McGill brother from his time on Better Call Saul.

Take our quiz below and remember, confidence is great but facts on your side is even better!

1. What Is Chuck’s Middle Name?


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