The Big Bang Theory: 10 Moments When Sheldon Cooper Was Wrong

Ten moments when Sheldon Cooper was utterly, absolutely, completely wrong...

From the superstitions of tribes in Papua New Guinea to the intricacies of American football, Sheldon Cooper's general knowledge appears limitless. And with an eidetic memory, two PhDs, an IQ of 187, and fluency in Klingon, perhaps the only attribute more impressive than his massive brain is his narcissism. Not only does he revel in his own intelligence, he expects everyone else to celebrate him too. But unless you sit in his spot, insult his Meemaw or you're Barry Kripke, Sheldon means no harm. When he reminds everyone else of his intellectual superiority, he believes he's stating a fact. His self-righteous reproaches, constant corrections of others' slightly skewed facts or grammar and habit of peppering every conversation he partakes in with obscure trivia are (usually) well-intentioned. Not that the show's characters would really see it this way. Forever subjected to his criticisms and bored to death with useless facts, it's really no wonder that they might feel just a little bit smug when he's incorrect; which, no matter how much Sheldon would like to believe he's superhuman, he sometimes is. On behalf of his long-suffering friends (and Howard, the treasured acquaintance), here are ten moments when Sheldon Cooper was utterly, absolutely, completely wrong...

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