The Big Bang Theory: 18 Annoying Mistakes You Didn't Notice

2. Does Buffy Exist Or Not?!

Sheldon Jla Gif Now, strictly speaking, this one is on a whole new level of continuity errors, since you have to really think about the implications. Eliza Dushku appears in the show as an FBI agent, investigating Howard's background to see if he is a viable candidate for a secret security programme that requires only the most dependable candidates. His friends are interviewed, and naturally Raj fails spectacularly, thanks to his crippling social issues, and Leonard goes the other way entirely, attempting to hit on the agent by being over-confident. Sheldon meanwhile destroys any chance Howard ever had by revealing that he as involved in stealing and crashing the Mars Rover. Good episode, but it ignores the fact that the geek-friendly casting of Dushku complicates the fact that the four main characters are all fans of Buffy, and celebrate the show at various points. So how exactly do they miss the fact that Dushku, a star of that show, is now an FBI agent, with a different name. How does that work exactly?

1. Sheldon's Photographic Memory Misses Howard Change The Magic Trick, And Many, Many Other Things

Sheldon Magic Trick Gif Gif We're told Sheldon has an Eidetic memory, making forgetting things impossible. But that isn't the case, as the show establishes on multiple occasions. Obviously it would be hard to convincingly present Sheldon as entirely eidetic, since that would require learning lines to irradicate the need for prompts... Oh, no wait, that's what actors do all the time. So it's confusing that in "The Wiggly Finger Catalyst," when Sheldon is flirting with life by the dice, he has to frequently consult his list of what his dice rolls mean, and how they are shaping his behaviour. If he has an eidetic memory, surely he wouldn't need to consult a list he would already have memorised? And then there's the fact that he is not only duped by Howard and Raj's card trick prank, but also misses the fact that the card trick Howard does for him is completely different to the one he initially performed for Raj, which he witnessed. Yes it lead to his own hilarious magic trick, but he shouldn't have missed that. But then, he also doesn't know where he was born, maintaining in the second season that he was born in Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Galveston, Texas, despite his mother's assertion that he "fell out of her" in a K-Mart in the first season. Did you spot any other annoying mistakes in The Big Bang Theory? Share your grievances below in the comments thread.
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