Black Lightning: Interview With Cress Williams On Season 1, Arrowverse, And Trump

Black Lightning's back!

Black Lightning Cw
The CW

There's a new superhero on The CW's block. The network, which is already the home of Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, and Legends of Tomorrow, last week unveiled its new offering, Black Lightning, which has now made its way onto Netflix in the UK.

Black Lightning was first introduced to DC Comics readers in 1977, with the story being that Jefferson Pierce has suppressed his powers since adolescence but is forced to use them as an adult, adopting the Black Lightning alias. The show follows a similar premise, with Pierce retiring as a superhero for his family and the story picking things up nine years later, when his hometown of Freeland needs him to come out of retirement.

Even just based on the first two episodes made available in advance, it's an exciting new addition to the genre, with an emphasis on family drama and grounded, real-life issues over superpowers and saving the world. Created by Mara Brock Akil and Sailm Akil, the series stars Cress Williams (Friday Night Lights, Heart of Dixie) in the titular role, and we were able to chat to the star about his new show, its place in the real world and the Arrowverse, and what to expect as it progresses.


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