Black Mirror: 6 Best & 6 Worst Inventions

12. BEST - Dating Simulations


They say there's someone out there for everyone and, with seven billion people on the planet, chances are they're right. But that doesn't make dating any easier. How do you know if you've found the person for you or if it's just someone close enough? How well will this person who seems perfect cope with the bad times if they come? Will they be there for you even when someone seemingly better comes along? A quagmire of what if questions can hold back even the best relationships with uncertainty.

Which is why Hang The DJ has such a good piece of technology. Using the same sort of soul copying technology shown in San Junipero and U.S.S Callister, versions of the people are linked up and put through multiple scenarios in a virtual world where they can date and come apart. Thousands upon thousands of different scenarios play out in a millisecond, as the dating application finds these two in the local area.

When the virtual version of the characters fight against the odds to stay together, these results are turned into a percentage match that really shows whether it's worth giving your time to this person across the bar.

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