Black Mirror - Every Episode Ranked From Worst To Best

18. Metalhead

Black Mirror Metalhead

Metalhead is a vaguely intriguing, stylistically gorgeous little experiment, albeit one that doesn't really amount to much narratively.

Maxine Peake gives a solid performance as a woman on the run from a robotic "dog" and director David Slade makes good use of eye-popping monochrome cinematography, but this incredibly simple chase narrative fails to bring any interesting social commentary to the table whatsoever.

Clocking in at just 41 minutes, Metalhead doesn't outstay its welcome, benefits from some tense moments and the CGI dog is impressive, but the central idea doesn't feel fleshed-out enough for the show's high standards.

Furthermore, the final twist can be seen coming a mile off and it's not especially clever either, ending this installment on something of a shoulder shrug.

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