Black Mirror: Ranking Every Episode From Worst To Best

3. Nosedive


Nosedive features a world in which your social standing is entirely governed by the ratings out of five you get on social media - leading to everyone having to present plastic, identikit versions of themselves. The focus is on low four-pointer Lacie, who sees an opportunity to increase her rating (to get a swanky new apartment) when she is invited to a fancy wedding. Unfortunately, due to a series of events that become more and more excruciating to watch, things don’t go to plan.

With a distinctive pastel-coloured visual palette, courtesy of director Joe Wright (Atonement), and a tour de force performance from Jurassic World’s Bryce Dallas Howard, Nosedive is not indicative of its title but rather sees the show firing on all cylinders. By imagining a time where the fake fronts we use online have become our everyday faces, it’s arguably the most shudder-inducing version of the future that Black Mirror has created to date.

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