Black Mirror: Ranking Every Episode From Worst To Best

10. White Bear


In White Bear, a woman with memory loss wakes up in a world where the majority of the population have apparently been turned into 'phone zombies' by an unknown signal. Most of those who are immune are just trying to survive, but others have become sadistic "hunters."

As a satire on how we watch the world through the lens of our phones nowadays, this episode is spot on. The everyday sight of someone filming on their phone becomes something as scary as the creepy hunters, with their faces hidden under weird animal masks.

Once we find out the truth of the situation, though, the episodes takes an even nastier turn, as it morphs into a knotty argument about corporal punishment and the public thirst for retribution. Overall, it’s a haunting, thought-provoking installment that leaves it ambiguous whose side you should be on.

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