Blackadder Returns To TV For Reunion Episode

Rowan Atkinson confirms cast set to return to the small screen for one last outing.

Update: Looks like we were fooled by a fake twitter account. The claims of a new Blackadder reunion show are sadly false. It's official, fans of Blackadder can rejoice in the knowledge that Rowan Atkinson and at least some of the rest of the cast will be returning in the near future for one 'final episode'. Atkinson took to Twitter earlier this week to announce that ''I can confirm, there will be one last episode of Blackadder, a reunion.'' He added that ''The return of Blackadder will be cunning and exquisite." These comments would suggest that something solid is in the works for the shows return and not just rumour which has been rife over the past decade. It has yet to be announced when exactly we can expect Blackadder and his dogsbody Baldrick to grace our screens once more or just how many of the original cast will be returning, but this announcement is nothing but good news for Blackadder fans who have pining for the shows return. The historical comedy was voted runner up in the BBC's nationwide Best British Sitcom vote in 2004. Lets just hope the writers have a 'cunning plan' when it comes to the story. Are you as excited as us about the return of one Britain's best loved comedies? Got any ideas for a cracking final Blackadder story? Let us know your opinion as usual in the comment box below! WOOF!
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