Bob's Burgers: Every Season Ranked Worst To Best (So Far)

What season did Bob's Burgers really hit its peak?

Bob's Burgers

Eleven seasons, over 200 episodes, a whole load of burger puns and a longly anticipated film. Bob's Burgers has come a very long way over the past decade, starting off as a seemingly average cartoon to then garnering a deserved reputation as one of the best animated sitcoms of the 2010s.

So why did the Belcher family become such a sensation? As it turns out, Bob's Burgers appeals to every demographic by putting forward a form of comedy that is accessible to all audiences.

It never tries to be daring or controversial just for the sake of shock value, nor does the humour ever try to be like other animated sitcoms in order to fit in. Instead, the comedy is just made up of wholesome fun and it's all driven by a group of characters who all have such striking, infectious personalities.

As we approach the cartoon's twelfth season (plus an upcoming movie), it's interesting to look back at how Bob's Burgers developed and changed over the years. It certainly had its rocky moments but overall, it stayed consistently enjoyable for the most part. But when did the show really achieve near perfection and when did it hit a low point?

11. Season 10

Bob's Burgers

Season Ten, it is saddening to admit, displays the first signs of Bob’s Burgers’ decline in quality. It happens to the best of them (just look at The Simpsons) but season ten of Bob’s Burgers is a far cry from season four of Bob’s Burgers.

There are many problems swirling around this series. Not only are the stories uninspired and undercooked, the comedy just doesn’t land - there’s too much reliance on the same jokes, mostly relating to toilet humour and the kids annoying their dad. The sitcom used to have a unique brand of humour that felt adult, but also accessible to all viewers. Now, the various gags and jokes feel lazily written.

But perhaps the worst problem with season ten is that the characters feel like exaggerations of themselves - Linda is TOO upbeat, Tina is TOO anxious, Louise is TOO psychotic etc. they lack personality, depth and realism which is why it’s harder to get invested in the events they encounter.

There are a couple of decent episodes such as “Now we’re not cooking on gas”, but season ten just isn’t up to the usual standard.


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