Bodyguard Finale: 5 Theories You Need To Know

Who's framing David Budd?


Bodyguard has quickly become one of the most watched television dramas this year, with a staggering 10.4 million people watching the first episode within the first week of its release. It's gripped viewers thanks to the unpredictable nature of the storyline following David Budd in the wake of an attempted terrorist attack.

The show has become an intricate jigsaw puzzle, with characters scattering clues across the previous five episodes to who's really behind the plot and who is simply being falsely implicated. It's clear that someone is operating from behind the scenes of it all as a political puppet-master and each episode finds a new way of surprising the audience.

Whether it's Davids affair with Julia or what Chanel was really up to working for the Home Office, there are so many volatile plot-points that could literally explode at any given moment. With one twist in particular that managed to shock everyone, it's not hard to see why Twitter has become a hub for theorising how the show's going to be resolved.

There's a lot of explaining that the finale has left to do since not everyone can be in on the plot... Or can they? But with a show as unpredictable as Bodyguard, it wouldn't be surprising if some of these theories are completely flipped on their heads.

Warning: spoilers ahead.


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