BoJack Horseman: 10 Burning Questions That Must Be Answered In Season 4

No more horsin' around.


BoJack Horseman is one of the most intelligent and funny series - animated or live action - streaming right now. The show about a washed-up sitcom star trying to revive his career explores the dark sides of not only fame, but human existence in general. Despite the fact that the hero of the series is a horse.

The show finds humor in hopelessness, the jokes are rarely forced, and whenever a played out trope or convenient plot device appears, it's immediately mocked by the characters themselves. Beloved by fans and critics - even though BoJack himself calls them "the worst" - the show returns on September 8th for its fourth season.

The expectations are obviously high, especially since season three won Best Animated Series at the Critics' Choice Awards and many claimed that it was worthy of an Emmy... nomination. Also, the season ended with more questions unanswered and issues not covered than ever, so the anticipation is almost unbearable.

The recently released trailer isn't helpful in that regard, since it actually poses even more questions and introduces even more problems. Each subsequent season of the show was better so there's really a big chance that the viewers' expectations will be met, if not exceeded, in over a week.


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