BoJack Horseman Or Rick And Morty: Who Said It - BoJack Or Rick?

One's an alcoholic genius, the other's an alcoholic horse... but who said what?

BoJack Horseman Quiz

BoJack Horseman and Rick Sanchez are two icons of animated television. Although the stars of BoJack Horseman and Rick and Morty differ in several ways (case in point, one of them is a talking horse from a '90s sitcom), the two share uncanny similarities in particular areas.

These similarities are evident as they both continuously voice their poignant thoughts about the true nature of humanity and the meaninglessness of our individual lives. While Rick often plays these for jokes and as a means for the creators to boast the grand scale of their impressive, inter-connected world, BoJack's melancholic outlook on everything and anything kicks like a horse into the viewers hearts.

But existential queries aren't the only thing these two like to spout. After all, the two shows are, primarily, comedies. This opens the door to some of the most hilarious moments in television, with the horse and scientist both partial to a cheap jab or fourth-wall break.

So here are twelve questions to prove your knowledge regarding these two great characters. Can you discern who said what? Can anyone get 100%?

1. "Closure Is A Made Up Thing By Steven Spielberg To Sell Movie Tickets."


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