BOOSTER GOLD TV Series Flying Into SyFy Channel

Syfy has commissioned a one hour pilot based on the time traveling superhero Booster Gold.

The Hollywood Reporter, cable channel Syfy has commissioned a one hour pilot based on the time traveling superhero Booster Gold. Created by Dan Jurgens in 1986, Booster is a failed sport star from the 25th Century who steals a time machine and travels back to the past to start a new life. Using advanced technology, and helped by security robot Skeets, he becomes a superhero, his knowledge of future events helping his cause. The twist is, though, the only thing he is interested in is becoming rich and famous. A side character for many years, he enjoyed a surge in popularity when he was made a main member of Keith Giffen's Justice League. It was during this era he paired with Blue Beetle, the friendship becoming a favorite among fans. After the cancellation of Justice League International, the character was used sparingly, until becoming a major character in the weekly event 52, which lead into his new ongoing series, where he became a major player in the DC universe tackling threats to its timeline. With the introduction of the rebooted DC universe, he is the leader of the new Justice league International. This isn't the first time the character will appear on T.V. having already appeared in the Justice League Unlimited, and Batman: Brave and the Bold cartoon series', voiced by Tom Everett Scott. He also appeared in the tenth season of the live action show Smallville, portrayed by Eric Marstoff. The episode was written by Geoff Johns, the writer responsible for his recent ongoing series. The new pilot script will be written by Fringe's Andrew Kreisberg, with Greg Berlanti (No Ordinary Family, Green Lantern) producing.

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