Breaking Bad: 10 Fates That The Remaining Characters Deserve

Breaking Bad1 Well, it's all come down to this. The last episode of acclaimed drama series Breaking Bad is almost here, and it's time to see the fates that await the surviving characters. Being as Breaking Bad is structured somewhat like a Shakespearean drama (five 'acts'/seasons), a main character with a tragic flaw (in Walt's case, his limitless hubris/pride) and high body count. It seems a given that the finale will be a bloody affair. But what do these characters really deserve? No one in the Breaking Bad universe is completely innocent, but some are more guilty than others. Here are some fitting ends for the remaining cast.

10. Skylar

Breaking Bad Skyler Ah, the poor misunderstood Skylar. Has any fictional character ever inspired such a merciless onslaught of Internet nerd rage as she has? Even Anna Gunn's recent Emmy win for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series doesn't seem to have abated the abuse rained on her by fans for being unsupportive and unappreciative to her multiple-murdering, meth kingpin husband. Unlike Walt, who at least got to get out of Albuquerque once in a while, she has spent the majority of the series in her kitchen, or in the A1 Car Wash, not exactly the most inspiring spot in the world. And she doesn't deserve to be a lowly taxi dispatcher for the rest of her life, either. Skylar deserves some amount of vindication for the carloads of vitriol dumped on her. After Walt finally succumbs to the cancer, and she is exonerated of any charges thanks to Walt's abusive phone call, Skylar's self-penned, best selling expose book "I Was Heisenberg's Wife" will become a phenomenal runaway success. It''ll sell millions of copies and inspire a movie, where her role is played by Meryl Streep who wins Best Actress for her amazing performance ("I owe it all to Skylar", Meryl says in her acceptance speech). After completing the promotional talk show circuit, she and her kids can live happily on the proceeds from that for years, without having to touch Walt's dirty money.
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