10 Plot Holes That Kind Of Ruin Breaking Bad

Breaking Breaking Bad.

Ever since the world caught onto its genius and decided that Breaking Bad was the best thing on TV (despite the fact that it took most folk until the show's fifth season to realise such a thing), it has been revered with something akin to God-like status. Say something untoward against the characters, the writing, or any of its many twists and turns, after all, and you're going to have a bad time. People are super passionate about Breaking Bad, and levelling any form of criticism at the show usually results in a rabid dog-style meltdown of the highest proportions. But the truth is that Breaking Bad is not perfect - far from it, in fact. Though the show is undoubtably one of TV's all-time great achievements (to say otherwise would be a little bit ridiculous), it ain't fool proof, and - along with a number of notable contrivances and narrative bumps - there are plot holes in abundance scattered throughout. Though most of said plot holes are forgivable offences, there are a small number - 10 of which you'll find gathered up here to ponder and pour over - that kind of ruin the show when you actually think about them all in tandem. In a series that has been continually lauded for its intelligent characters and airtight plots, these holes really have no place...

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