Breaking Bad: 10 Worst Things Jesse Pinkman Has Ever Done

He's no Heisenberg, but he's no saint either...


When it comes to the worst atrocities committed on Breaking Bad, most of them can be attributed to Heisenberg himself, Walter White. After all, the entire show is dedicated to his downfall and the corruption of everyone he comes into contact with, as he graduates from lying, to murder, to poisoning children and ordering prison shankings.

In comparison, his partner Jesse Pinkman was a pretty good dude. Though he got his hands dirty as well, Jesse never really suited the criminal life, and was the sympathetic centre of Walt's empire. By the end of the show, he'd paid ten times over for his part in the drug trade, and was the closest thing to a hero the series had.

That said, Pinkman was no saint, and whether he was forced into it or did it of his own accord, was still responsible for so much heartbreak, trauma and death across five seasons that he'll be forced to reckon with once the upcoming spin-off movie, El Camino, hits Netflix.


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