Breaking Bad: 5 Reasons Why 'Better Call Saul' Is A Good Idea

Better Call Saul As of writing this article we only have 3 episodes of AMC's Breaking Bad left to go, but don't worry; the comb over mullet is sticking around. A Breaking Bad spin off prequel show about everybody's favorite Lawyer Saul Goodman has been announced. Fans appear to be split on the decision with some seeing it as a cash in on the huge success of Breaking Bad season 5. Here are 5 reasons why we should be excited to LWYRUP one more time... WARNING: Major Spoilers ahead for seasons 1-5

5. More Saul

1e2537c6b412a54771dbaefcc3481706 Simple enough. We will be getting more screen time with Saul. And lets face it, who doesn't love Saul Goodman? He is arguably the breakout star of the show, stealing the scenes he is in, which is no easy feat when you are acting opposite Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul. Bob Odenkirk is clearly having a blast as Goodman, channeling his comedic roots and several of his characters from his HBO series 'Mr Show.' Odenkirk has developed and grown into a pretty intense drama actor. His scenes with Jesse in Season 5's 'Confessions' are a standout. It would be a shame to see Odenkirk stop playing a character he has made his own but not really had the full opportunity to explore, hopefully 'Better Call Saul' will give him that opportunity.

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