Breaking Bad: 6 Possible Fates for Walter White

It's a question all fans of Breaking Bad have been asking themselves since the very beginning. How will the show end? What will happen to Walter White? And, FYI, if you aren't already a fan of this incredible show, you really are missing out of the greatest television show certainly of the last 5 years... arguably of the new millennium. Over the course of the now 4 and a half seasons, Walter's fate has been changing. At the beginning of the show he was almost certainly going to die of cancer, and it is very likely, had the show have been canceled after 2 seasons or so, that Walter would have died of the disease. Later on in the show, when Walter was working for Gus, it seemed fairly possibly though not entirely plausible considering Walter is the shows anti-hero, that Gus or one of his henchman would end up killing Walter. Now that Walters dealt with the chicken man and is "the man" of the meth trade, this again seems somewhat unlikely. There has always been many other possibilities however, and judging by the season 5 opening episodes first 5 minutes, it looks like some crazy sh*t is about to go down in Albuquerque, New Mexico, although it isn't unlikely that this is some sort of red hearing. I am going to list what, at this point, are the 6 most likely ways the show will end and Walter's specific character arc will come to a close... that is if Vince Gilligan and co don't decide to turn Breaking Bad into a movie. Having said this, he has said in many interviews since that even if a movie does happen, the show will still end how he thinks is best for the series. Watching an interview just a couple of months ago, the shows creator, Vince Gilligan stated that he himself wasn't really sure on how to end the show at this current time. I'm thinking he probably knows now, but a year is along time to wait, and who knows which one of these fates (or possibly none of them) will happen to Walter White, TV's greatest current screen character.
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