Breaking Bad Or Lost Quiz: Who Said It - Jesse Pinkman Or Charlie Pace?!

Was it Albuquerque's meth-maker or The Island's resident rock star?!

Jesse Pinkman or Charlie Pace

Even in the darkest of days, in the bleakest of times, it never hurts to keep people laughing. That's something that even the most dramatic TV show can make great use of.

It's easy to call Breaking Bad and Lost two titans of the TV industry. These shows were icons in their time and are still massively beloved to this day. There are many things you can point to for their success, but it seems that characters will always be a top priority on that list.

One of the things these series excelled in was creating characters you could buy in serious situations but were still willing to make you laugh. Characters like Saul Goodman and Hurley were big on this, but the figures who embodied that mixture of laughs and tears best were Jesse Pinkman and Charlie Pace.

These two, unfortunately, had a lot in common, and while good senses of humour and likeability were chief among them, it was a debilitating drug addiction that linked them best. So, let's see if you can sort the quotes from between these on-again-off-again addicts.

Answers at the end!

1. “You Either Run From Things, Or You Face Them."


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