Breaking Bad Or Malcolm In The Middle: Who Said It - Walter White Or Hal Wilkerson?

Which Bryan Cranston said it?

Breaking Bad

Several years before Bryan Cranston became the one who knocks, he was the one who was married with three overbearing children.

While you may think the only connection between Breaking Bad and Malcolm in the Middle is Bryan Cranston, you may be pleasantly surprised.

The first similarity comes in the form of underwear. Yes, that's right, both Walter White and Hal Wilkerson loved to run around in their white wide fronts. Another connection comes in the form a fly. Remember the episode of Breaking Bad where Walt tries to catch that pesky fly in the lab? Well, in Malcolm in the Middle, Hal gets absolutely covered in bees when his DIY robot turns against him. Yes, these two moments aren't exactly the same, but the similarity hard to ignore.

Walter and Hal may be from two completely different shows, but how do their personalities compare? Can you tell the difference between a Walter quote and a Hal quote? Let's find out.

Who said the following - was it Walter White or was it Hal Wilkerson?

Answers at the end!

1. “A Cannibal Utopia. Interesting”


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