Breaking Bad Quiz: Finish These Quotes - Jesse Pinkman

While they search for Jesse Pinkman, you can take this quiz!


El Camino has one hell of a job to live up to the sheer brilliance of its groundbreaking(bad) predecessor.

Six years have passed since the iconic finale, which created one of the most difficult, gut-wrenching watches in recent memory. Jesse’s story wound down towards the pits of despair, literally locked inside a cage.

Serving as a cornerstone to Jesse Pinkman’s journey and a direct follow on from that fateful final episode, El Camino dives deep into the emotion of Jesse’s desperate escape.

Jesse went a long way towards making Breaking Bad as popular as it was, with a unique blend of charm and childlike wonder, Aaron Paul was born for the role, which put him on the acting map. The loveable rouge made the audience truly root for him even though he was a drug dealer, which is not an easy feat.

Will Jesse get the life he deserves in El Camino, or will his story complicate even further?

How well do you remember Walter White’s right hand man? Do you really know his most memorable quotes?

Answers at the end!

1. "You Don't Need A Criminal Lawyer..."

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