Breaking Bad Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Walter White?

I am the one who knocks.


Imagine your favourite movie plot twist, where the end of the movie everything is turned on its head and you are left shouting "Oh my god it was him all along?!" Then mix in the fact that you know the plot twist from the very start and are anticipating the fallout and sheer mayhem that is to ensure, following the revelation. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Breaking Bad.

Central to this story is the character of Walter White, or 'Heisenberg' as he is known on the streets in order to keep his Ned Flanders-like self a secret. The path Walter takes portrays him in multiple roles where you go from cheering him, to booing him, back to rooting for him, then to detesting him and the whole while hoping he doesn't get caught. His character arc takes quite a roller coaster ride as he is the protagonist, an antagonist, an anti-hero and then becoming even more villainous and conniving but also showing redeeming moments of humanity and compassion. Talk about complex.

But how well do you really know Walter White?

Answers at the end!

1. What Stage Cancer Does Walt Get Diagnosed With?


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