Breaking Bad Quiz: You'll Never Get 100% On This Walter White True Or False Quiz!

Think you know Breaking Bad? See if you're Walter W-RIGHT or Walter WRONG with this quiz!


Walter White is one of the greatest TV characters of all time. It just so happens he comes from one of the greatest TV shows of all time too, Breaking Bad. Created by Vince Gilligan and his team in 2008, it took the world by storm and lasted for five years and five seasons. Although the final episode aired over seven years ago now, Walter White is still a behemoth in popular culture.

But how much do you know about him? Have you watched Breaking Bad repeatedly, like countless other fans across the globe? Do you know if Walter has a degree, and if so in what field?

If you haven't watched Breaking Bad yet, stop what you're doing right now, go and watch all five seasons and come back to this. (And while you're there, give the spin-off show Better Call Saul a watch too because that is equally as good.)

And if you have, it's time to prove just how much you actually know about Walter White.

MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD. Answers at the end!

1. Walter White's Main Form Of Transport Is A 2004 Pontiac Aztek


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