Breaking Bad Season 5 Premieres July 15th

It's time to celebrate by snorting some meth off a Bowie knife Tuco Style!

It's time to celebrate by snorting some meth off a Bowie knife Tuco Style! AMC has set the premiere date for Season Five of arguably the best drama on TV, Breaking Bad, for July 15th at 10/9c. There's good and bad news with this though, depending on how much you were hoping to see the show conclude this year (creator Vince Gillian announced last year that Season Five would be the shows last). The good news is that there will be 16 episodes instead of 13, the bad is that we will only see 8 of those this year, with the remaining 8 airing summer 2013. Prepare for a nail biting cliffhanger/ Walter Jnr eating lots of cereal. Although odd, it isn't the first time the second half of a season was aired a year later. The final season of The Sopranos was broken into 2 halves, one being aired almost a year later back in 2006. If there's any show that joins the likes of The Sopranos, it's Breaking Bad. Don't expect it to arrive in the UK any time soon though, as season three has only recently arrived on DVD and UK Netflix, and no airing date is in site yet for Season Four. Nevertheless fans can rejoice knowing that Walter White and Jesse Pinkman will return to our screens in a little under two months, and as each season gets bigger and better, I can't even begin to imagine what we're in for. Oh, lots of meth, we know that. Details have been very secretive so far, but check out Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul talking about Season Five at a recent set visit. Breaking Bad returns for Season Five: Part One on July 15th.
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