Brooklyn 99 Quiz: You'll NEVER 100% This FILL IN THE GAPS Jake Peralta Quiz

Are you a Smorty pants or will you go full Boyle?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake

Played amazingly by legendary Saturday Night Live alumni, Andy Samberg, Jake Peralta is the scruffy, wise cracking glue that keeps the 99 together. Whether it be his childlike humour or his hilarious relationship with Captain Holt, Peralta never fails to get a laugh. Although Brooklyn 99 has a whole array of comedy talent on display, and regular hilarious guest stars, Peralta remains consistent in his childish humour and perfect delivery of some of his iconic catchphrases.

Over the course of 7 seasons (with season 8 due to be released in 2021), Peralta has had many ups and downs from his will-they-won't-they relationship with Amy Santiago to his horrifying stint in jail but despite the adversity he has faced, you can always count on him to deliver a laugh out loud punchline to cap it all off. Speaking of punchlines, this quiz will put your knowledge of Jake Peralta's quotes to the test. Can you remember some of the most iconic quips and remarks from the bullpen? Do you remember even the most subtle of throw away comments? Well, if you do, get ready for a drilling (Get Ready for a drilling - name of your sex tape) on the IMPOSSIBLE fill in the gaps Jake Peralta quiz.

1. "Captain, Hey! Welcome To The ____."


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