Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Good Luck Achieving 100% On This Charles Boyle Quiz

Not even Charles Boyle himself would likely 100% this Brooklyn Nine Nine quiz!


Ah, Charles Boyle. There isn’t a person alive who…tries as hard as this particular Boyle. Aside from that, Charles doesn’t really excel in any other department outside of being a ruthless food lover and dressing up for Halloween.

You’ll likely never find a more loyal companion, though, as Jake Peralta eventually learned to accept as hit police procedural comedy series Brooklyn Nine-Nine hilariously unfolded before our very eyes.

With seven epic seasons of Joe Lo Truglio bringing this neurotic character to life, we’ve seen an awful lot of this little Boyle (sometimes too much) in a wide variety of whacky and intense situations.

So, just how much can you remember about the Nine-Nine’s most critical and passionate detective?Now, a true Boyle believer would no doubt ace this quiz on the first try, despite it 100% being the hardest of its kind on the internet. But, don’t put yourself under that sort of pressure.

Or do. After all, we know Charles Boyle wouldn’t settle for anything less than perfection in a quiz based on his own life. So neither should you.

Please let us know how you did on this quiz in the comments below.

1. Which Character Did Charles Once Portray In A Third-Grade Play?


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