Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Good Luck Achieving 100% On This Terry Jeffords Quiz

You'll never get 100% on this Hardest Terry Jeffords quiz of all time!


Since premiering on FOX back in 2013, Brooklyn Nine-Nine has gone on to become ridiculously popular across its six seasons and counting. And so often, the character who finds themselves stealing the show is Lieutenant Terry Jeffords. Played by the brilliant Terry Crews, this hulking brute is every inch the classic gentle giant. With a love of yoghurt and a fear of leaving his children fatherless – not to mention a habit of being a complete and utter klutz - Terry is very much the caring, warm heart and soul of the 99 crew.

How well do you know this beloved character of modern-day comedy TV, though? With Brooklyn Nine-Nine continuing to bring in strong viewership numbers across its six-season run, many can claim to know the series inside and out – but here, we’ve got a Terry Jeffords quiz that even the biggest of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans will struggle to get anywhere even close to 100% on.

In fact, there’s more chance of Terry not breaking something than there is of you likely getting a good score here... and that’s saying something.

Please let us know in the comments below how well you did at this Hardest Brooklyn Nine-Nine Terry Jeffords quiz.

1. What Is Terry’s Middle Name?


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