Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Only A True Fan Will Score 100% On This Halloween Heists Quiz

We know that you hate Halloween, but stick with this quiz, and you'll love it.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween Costumes

Brooklyn Nine-Nine has officially come to an end after eight incredible seasons.

For a total of 147 episodes, Brooklyn Nine-Nine became one of the most exciting and successive comedies on television, and the Halloween Heists were one of the reasons for that success.

The “Halloween Heist” concept arrived in the show’s sixth episode, which is all the more impressive considering most half-hour comedies usually take at least half a season to find their footing. It began as a simple bet between Jake Peralta and Raymond Holt, but soon became an annual tradition with escalating stakes.

Each year, every member of the precinct attempted to one-up, double-cross, and fool literally everyone. The Halloween Heists were the most exciting episodes where you assumed everything was going to go off the rails. You never knew who to trust, what to believe, and for the most part you never even knew who was going to win the game and get the ultimate human/genius title.

So, it's that time of year again. Can you remember all minor details from the heists and win the highly coveted ultimate human/genius title for yourself?

Answers at the end!

1. Which Item Does Jake Bet He Can Steal During The First Halloween Heist?


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