Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or Friends Quiz: Who Said It - Amy Santiago Or Phoebe Buffay?

How well do you really remember Brooklyn Nine-Nine’s Amy and Friends’ Phoebe?

Friends Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz

Friends and Brooklyn Nine-Nine are two of the most well known sitcoms of the last decade. We all know what success Friends had in the nineties, more-so 26 years later.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is fairly new to the game, only arriving in 2013, however its fanbase is just as popular.

It would be impossible to imagine these sitcoms without two of the craziest females in television - Amy Santiago and Phoebe Buffay. They are fun, charismatic and fill the series with their unique personalities.

Amy is an incredibly ambitious and driven detective who always strives for perfection in almost everything she does. While Phoebe is a sweet-natured, but at the same time strange, guitar player. Having experienced nothing like a normal, complete childhood, Phoebe is often very foolish, sometimes smart and is in some regards still a child at heart.

If you are a real fan of these shows, you will guess which of these two girls said the following quotes.

Answers at the end!

1. “Pick Up The Sock!”


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