Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or Friends Quiz: Who Said It – Terry Or Ross?

Brooklyn 99 or Friends quiz - Can you remember which character really wanted to PIVOT!


Chances are, if you were obsessed with Friends during the show’s ten-season run, you’re likely quite the fan of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

B99 maybe hasn’t quite hit the viewership highs of Friends, yet there’s no shame in that, for Friends brought in numbers that are still astonishing to think about to this day. But for Brooklyn Nine-Nine, the now-Netflix-housed show continues to bring a smile to audience’s faces as the series has its eighth and final season on the horizon for later this year.

Terry Crews’ Terry and David Schwimmer’s Ross are both pivotal parts of their respective shows, and both happen to shame several similarities. Two characters who can take things extremely seriously or be plain idiotic, Terry and Ross have proved to be hugely popular with fans over the years, with many a memorable quote coming from the pair.

If you presume it’s easy to tell the difference between Terry and Ross, this quiz is the perfect puzzle for you, as it’s all about which character said each of these lines of dialogue.

So, who said it – was it Terry Jeffords or was it Ross Geller?

1. “I Tell You, When I Actually Die, Some People Are Going To Get Seriously Haunted.”


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