Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or How I Met Your Mother Quiz: Who Said It – Amy Or Lily?

Brooklyn 99 or HIMYM - Two pivotal characters, both major fan favourites but who said it?


It’s been seven years since How I Met Your Mother aired its final ever episode. After an admittedly ropey final season, the series called time in 2014, and this is a show still revered by so many to this day.

Looking at the greater sitcom landscape, another particularly popular show of recent times is the still ongoing Brooklyn Nine-Nine. The adventures of the 99th Precinct may not have quite hit the highs of How I Met Your Mother, yet the fans of B99 are just as passionate as the HIMYM lot – even if there may be less of them.

For Brooklyn Nine-Nine, of course, it will soon be joining How I Met Your Mother in coming to a close, with the show’s upcoming eighth season to be its last. But man, what a run it has been!

To highlight two characters from their own respective shows, this quiz is all about seeing how well you know Melissa Fumero’s Amy Santiago and Alyson Hannigan’s Lily Aldrin. Both pivotal characters to their series, both major fan favourites.

So, who said the following lines of dialogue – was it Santiago or was it Lily?

1. "The Three Day Rule Is A Childish, Manipulative Mind Game. But Yeah, You Wait Three Days."


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