Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or Parks And Recreation Quiz: Who Said It - Rosa Or April?

Was it the Nine-Nine's resident badass or Pawnee's unpredictable former intern?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Parks and Recreation

A major part of what makes the format of a sitcom so enjoyable is that all the characters seem like heaps of fun and are the kind of people you want to hang out with. There are plenty of characters you'd love to go out and grab a beer with. But, you should probably count yourself lucky that you don't have to interact with these two rays of sunshine.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Rosa Diaz and Parks and Recs' April Ludgate are easily loveable, fan-favourite characters but with that being said, they are still both a handful, as their abrasive personalities and lack of patience for social situations mean they can be cold, mean and even cruel at times.

This edgier side has made them both so iconic, as each of them brings a little bit of grit into their respective series. However, it has also left quite a challenge to be posed, as although these two are very different in execution, a lot of their quotes sound similar on paper.

So, let's see just how well you know these two. If you score 100%, then you're clearly a superfan!

1. "It’s A Joke. I Was Insulting Him. You Know, Flirting."


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