Brooklyn Nine-Nine Or Parks & Rec Quiz: Who Said It, Captain Holt Or Ron Swanson?

It's Duke Silver vs Ice Veins!


Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Parks & Recreation have continually gained critical acclaim for their exaggerated character traits and over-the-top workplace humour. Arguably the funniest characters of each show have been built from the same mould - I give you Captain Holt and Ron Swanson.

Raymond Holt is the openly gay police Captain of the 99th Precinct, while Ron Swanson is the saxophone loving breakfast fiend. Andre Braugher and Nick Offerman execute the characters to perfection, it’s amazing they were able to keep a straight face throughout scenes while delivering the hilarious situational humour with their signature raw emotionless wit.

Holt and Ron try so hard not to be funny, it is in fact hilarious. Can you tell which of these straight-to-the-point guys said the following lines? How well do you really know Captain Holt and Ron Swanson?

Answers at the end!

1. "Sting Like A Bee, But Do Not Float Like A Butterfly, That's Ridiculous!"


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