Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Progressively Funnier Jake Peralta Quiz

How well do you remember the Detective Right-All-The-Time?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Halloween Jake Peralta Captain Holt

Charming, fun, and a bit messy, this character has won the hearts of millions of Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans with his incredible charisma and sense of humour. Yes, he is spontaneous, self-obsessed and arrogant at times, but we still can’t help but love him through his absolute bests and worsts. Speaking of bests, one can't deny how sensitive, courageous and devoted he is when it comes to his work, friends and his partner.

The way he gets into hilarious situations and never knows when exactly to be serious makes Jake so Jake. He's the class clown who always makes you laugh no matter what, even though he might also frustrate you by constantly making a fool out of himself. However, Jake is also super smart. He is an intuitive problem-solver with a brilliant ability to twist things around and pick up on clues and hints that the others may have missed.

Now, let’s go through the funniest quiz you can find to see how well you remember the comical moments of the British secret agent, ballistics expert, and ladies' man.

Answers at the end!

1. How Was Jake Trying To Break A Stubborn Suspect In The Interrogation Room?


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