Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Progressively Harder Jake Peralta And Amy Santiago Quiz

Which detective of the 99th precinct said it?

Brooklyn Nine Nine Amy Jake

The final episode of the season 5 of the most beloved American television police sitcom series ends up with the coolest couple, Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, finally getting married. But there is definitely a whole story before the big day. A story of sincere friendship and partnership that evolves into real chemistry and love.

Nobody can deny how fun and competitive, but still caring and sensitive these two are towards each other. They argue, they forgive and they forget. They help each other grow and become a better version of themselves through the entire series

However, considering how much Jake and Amy have in common, it’s not hard to believe that this match is made in TV show heaven. They are both obsessed with their job, share the same kind of merciless charisma and intense sense of humour. As the series unfolds, it becomes clear how much these characters bond and how their thoughts and actions sync. With that being said, can you tell which funny line belongs to whom?

Only a true Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan will score 100%!

1. "I Learned A Bunch Of New Dance Moves For Tonight."


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