Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Amy Santiago - Finish These Quotes

Did she really go 20 years without scratching her butt in public?


Brooklyn Nine-Nine really does have a near perfect cast, fully diverse with every single character adding something to the mix from the brilliant Jake Peralta, the overly caring Sergeant Jeffords and the dry wit of Captain Holt - it’s all tied together perfectly by the uber-competitive and ambitious Amy Santiago.

Amy’s back-and-forth with Jake and generally being the butt of most jokes around the Precinct creates a real entertaining buzz around the character, but Brooklyn Nine-Nine also embraces Amy as a pivotal character which has led to her organic growth throughout the shows run. Nine-Nine has not sacrificed her character development or limited her role as a simple punchline shtick magnet. She is a straight-talking wannabe captain and we respect that!

How well do you really know the teacher's pet of the 99th Precinct? Do you know this Captain-in-the-making as well as Jake does?

Answers at the end!

1. "Our Union Health Plan Has 100% Reimbursement For Out Of State Ambulance Rides..."


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