Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Can You Complete These Jake Peralta Quotes?

“Cool, cool, cool, cool, cool. No doubt, no doubt, no doubt.”

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake Peralta

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Jake Peralta knows how to put away all the bad guys. He might not be able to solve crossword puzzles like Amy Santiago, but Jake is one of the best detectives for getting to the bottom of a crime.

Jake worked out how to get Dentist Philip Davidson to confess to murder. He helped Terry solve his old cat burglar case and eventually solved his own problem of how to grow up.

In his time at the Ninety Ninth precinct Jake was one of the squad's best detectives. He even managed to be the ultra competitive Amy in a bet as to who could make the most arrests. Despite his love of pranks, Taylor Swift and Die Hard; Jake always put being a cop first.

Jake took his job seriously but was always the fun guy in the precinct. He came up with the Jimmy Jab games and his bet with Captain Holt helped start the annual tradition of the Halloween Heist.

We've taken a look at some of Jake's funniest quotes and decided to create a mystery out of them that only the biggest fans of the show will solve. Let's find out if you can fill in the blanks and uncover the truth as to what exactly Jake Peralta said. Good luck!

1. "____, With All Due Respect, I Am Gonna Completely Ignore Everything You Just Said."


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