Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Can You Fill In The Gaps Of These Hitchcock And Scully Quotes?

For these guys, every day is Monday!

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Hitchcock Scully

Brooklyn's ninety-ninth police precinct is one of the finest in New York. They've got an outstanding captain, a host of great detectives and dedicated uniformed officers who all work as one big family to make sure crime doesn't pay. But, there's always a weak link in the chain, and this family's got two.

Hitchcock and Scully are a delight in this ensemble comedy. They're a pair of lazy old cops who hate work, love food and do their job about as well as a toddler could. Despite being terrible co-workers, they're great for fans as they're a constant source of entertainment and provide some wonderful challenges for the rest of the group.

Plus, they've got a little dynamic to them, with Hitchcock being a traditional old creep and Scully being a surprisingly endearing yet incredibly unwell goofball.

Now that the show is over, viewers have had a whole eight seasons to get to know these fellas and listen to some of the ridiculous things they say. But, how well do you remember their lines?

Do well in this quiz, and maybe you can head down to Wing Sluts for some of their famous sauce as a reward.

1. “Can’t Spill ____ On Your Shirt If You’re Not Wearing One.”


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