Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Captain Holt - Finish These Quotes

How well do you really know the Captain of the 99th Precinct?


Jake Perlata may be the main protagonist in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but one of the funniest characters in the show is everyone’s favourite police Captain - Raymond Holt. He is absolutely hilarious.

With deadpan delivery to rival Ron Swanson and a dry wit to match Chandler Bing, Captain Holt is a modern-day comedic hybrid, able to create laughs with almost no facial expression.

From the very first episode, Holt asserted his dominance over Jake and cemented his position as ‘the man’. Their back-and-forth shtick creates a central focus point for some of the most memorable moments within the 99th Precinct. With such a unique supporting character, Brooklyn Nine-Nine was always destined for success.

Grab yourself a flavourless beige smoothie and see how well you know Captain Ray Holt? Do you really know Velvet Thunder?

1. “Nutrition Bricks, I Have Original No Flavour And...”


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