Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Charles Boyle - Finish These Quotes

Just look at those puppy dog eyes!


Charles Boyle will forever be known for his unhealthy obsession with Jake Peralta. In reality there is so much more to Boyle than the pushover he appears to be and is one of the most kind and caring characters not just on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but on any show across the spectrum.

Charles is timid and simply too nice to say no to anyone. His best moments are cringe-worthy and awkward, and that's why fans love him so much. He is the metaphorical puppy of the 99th Precinct, looking up to Jake with those big eyes and always aiming to please – just as long as he isn’t wagging his ‘tail’.

The sexy train is leaving the station and it’s time to see how well you really know Charles Boyle.

Answers at the end!

1. "Yeah, I'm Not An Idiot. I Know How To Trick My Best Friend Into Eating..."


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