Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Did Charles Boyle Say It?

Was it Squash's unhinged lunatic's quote?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Charles Boyle

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a fun, light-hearted show full of ridiculous yet lovable characters. While some characters may be weird, they are also adorable and super likeable. Charles Boyle is definitely one of those.

Boyle is Peralta's best friend, and a decent detective of course. He is also an absolute nerd, but everyone loves him. If there's anything Charles Boyle is good at, it's being totally overboard. He can be both a professional and a con artist, depending on the situation. And, when it comes to love and romance, he is definitely on another level.

Boyle is a charming but underrated character, and is a living reminder that not all cops are big, tough, and cynical. However, this stereotypical loser has traits to admire. He doesn't dramatise his own life. He tries not to sink into depression and generally feels good about life... and food!

Weird, tidy bore, gourmand - this is Charles Boyle. But as funny as he is, many of his one-liners are “smort” and “noice”. Let’s get FULL BOYLE and guess whether the following quotes were actually said by him.

1. "I Know, I Felt Like A Superhero, Like The Hulk's Mom."


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