Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Did Jake, Amy Or Captain Holt Say It?

Will you manage to score 100% at this ultimate Captain Holt, Amy and Jake quiz?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake & Amy Wedding

Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago and Captain Raymond Holt have so much respect for each other. Both Amy and Jake view Captain Holt like a father figure, who's always there for advice when they need it most.

Captain Holt sees the best in his detectives. He sees the potential in Jake when he first meets him, although he seems to be harsh with him at first, it's only because he knows how good he can be if he worked harder. Whilst Amy was desperate for Holt to mentor her, she would eventually get her wish as the pair turned out to be a great team.

Will you prove your knowledge of all things Brooklyn Nine-Nine by working out if it was Jake Peralta, Amy Santiago or Captain Raymond Holt who said each of these 12 quotes?

Can you remember which detective exclaimed "hot damn!"? Do you know if it was Jake, Amy or Captain Holt who commented "when I told my garbage man I was a cop, he said 'gross.'?

This quiz will test event the biggest fans of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Will you manage to score 100% and show you know all about Captain Holt, Amy and Jake? Let's find out!

Don't forget, all the answers can be found at the end of the quiz. Good luck!

1. Fine. But In Protest, I'm Walking Over There Extremely Slowly.


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