Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Did Raymond Holt Say It?

Can you score 100% on this quiz?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Holt

Captain Raymond Holt is one of the best characters on television. The beloved Captain is one of the funniest characters on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, despite him not being a fun person in the slightest. He has been a key part of the precinct since his first appearance, and he has shown a significant amount of character development.

Raymond is strict, diligent, warm and an empathetic man who cares deeply about the people around him, be it family or employees under his command. However, there have been several moments in which the complexities of his life as a minority, in terms of both race and sexuality, resulted in some rather unforeseen outcomes.

The reliable voice of Andre Braugher portrays the character perfectly, and several quotes end up stuck in heads for days. He is definitely the king of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

This quiz will test even the most diehard Nine-Nine fans. Can you correctly guess whether the following quotes were said by Raymond Holt or whether they are just too beige for him? Even Santiago would struggle with this quiz!

1. “Every Time You Talk, I Hear That Sound That Plays When Pac-Man Dies.”


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