Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Jake Peralta?

Will you prove your detective skills by working out the answers these Jake Peralta questions?

Brooklyn Nine Nine Jake Peralta

Brooklyn Nine-Nine's Jake Peralta has always had one dream, to be a cop.

Thanks to his favourite movie growing up, Jake knew that he wanted to nothing more than to arrest bad guys. When the show first begins, we see Jake is a brilliant detective but not perfect. From his messy desk to his untidy appearance, Captain Holt sees his potential but knows he needs to be whipped into shape.

When Jake becomes a father he soon realises that being a cop isn't his dream any more. He never had the best relationship with his own father so decides to take the biggest step of his life, to step away from the NYPD. Jake's choice to become a stay at home father is the moment he truly grew up.

Do you know all there is to know about Brooklyn Nine-Nine's best detective Jake Peralta? This quiz will test you on all things Jake.

Can you remember which fellow squad member Jake attended the academy with? Only an ultimate fan of the show will remember what the moment was that Jake decided he wanted to marry Amy.

Will you prove your detective skills by working out the answers to all 12 of these Jake Peralta questions? Let's find out!

1. What Is Jake's Favourite Cop Movie?


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