Brooklyn Nine Nine Quiz: How Well Do You REALLY Know Adrian Pimento?

"I ended up in a fight with a bear, and I had to think to myself, why am I even here?"

Adrian Pimento Brooklyn 99

So many of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's cast could be considered the main character, such is the strength each brings to the show. There is Jake as the childish one, Charles as the clumsy but loyal friend, Terry and Holt as the combined father figures, Amy as the uptight bookworm, Rosa as the badass, Gina as the eccentric and Hitchcock and Scully as the bumbling elderly.

Everyone so far has been their own safe level of interesting, until the wildcard known as Adrian Pimento arrives midway into season three. Returning from a long spell undercover in the Mob having witnessed countless horrors, the man has deep psychological damage. From one harrowing memory to the next crazed outburst, Pimento brings a new edge to the show and an unpredictability that no other cast member can replicate or live up to.

How well do you think you know the mental mess of madness that is Adrian Pimento?

Answers at the end!

1. How Many Years Did Adrian Spend Undercover?





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