Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: How Well Do You Remember Jake And Amy’s Wedding Day?

Noice. Toit. Smort. Nups.

Brooklyn Nine Nine Jake Amy

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a sitcom about a police precinct serving in Brooklyn, New York. The team of detectives investigates a variety of crimes from the most ridiculous to the most serious. Among the 99's unpredictable and strange detectives are Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago.

Jake is an immature detective who is obsessed with 80s crime movies and pulling pranks. Amy is hardworking and ambitious. She is obsessed with anything that is connected with organisation and rules.

They didn’t seem like an obvious match, especially when they were extremely competitive with one another. It was no surprise that their relationship actually began on a fake date.

Jake and Amy’s wedding day was supposed to be perfectly organised, just how Amy liked it, however as a result of weird events, it ended up being a wedding ceremony in a police precinct. This didn't stop the ceremony being romantically perfect however. Their vows pulled at fans' heartstrings.

As an ultimate Brooklyn Nine-Nine fan, can you remember all the minor details about Jake and Amy’s wedding day? Not even Jake can remember exactly what happened on the day of his wedding.

Answers at the end!

1. What Was The Wedding Cake Designed Like?


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