Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: How Well Do You Remember The Second Jimmy Jab Games?

Let’s write a new chapter in the history of the Nine-Nine by acing this Jimmy Jab Games 2 quiz.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine Jake Peralta

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a famous sitcom about a fictional police station in New York, where a team of completely different set of detectives work.

A sea of humour on the verge of absurdity, colourful characters, and a fresh look at the police routine brought worldwide popularity to the show and it even grabbed two Golden Globes for the best comedy series!

The star and headache of the precinct is clowning master Jake Peralta. Peralta loves and knows how to solve crimes, but manages to combine a serious matter with ridiculous antics. Side by side with him however are his complete opposites. "Excellent student" Amy Santiago, the clumsy kind-hearted Charles Boyle, the gloomy and creepy Rosa Diaz, indifferent to the work of Gina Linetti and the brutal bodybuilder and tender father Terry Jeffords. At the head of this complex team, is the impenetrable Captain Ray Holt.

Together, these honest cops try to keep the streets safe. But it can't always be all work and no fun. When the station is free, that means the squad can guessed it... the Jimmy Jab Games.

As of season seven, fans saw only two episodes including the Jimmy Jab Games. Whether the game will be back, remains to be revealed by the show's final season. For now, buckle your butts, everyone! The Jimmy Jab Games are back!

Answers at the end!

1. What Was The Official Prize Of The Jimmy Jab Games?


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