Brooklyn Nine-Nine Quiz: Jake Peralta - What's His Next Line?

Only Boyle can score 100% on this quiz!


The Nine-Nine is not only filled with criminals and wrongdoers of New York, but it's also filled with some amazing people and detectives. These detectives work night and day to make sure the city and its residents are safe, whilst spreading a little joy along the way.

Jake Peralta is arguably the precincts funniest member. He is one hell of a detective but his cockiness and immature outlook on life, makes the Nine-Nine a happier place to work. His relationship with Charles Boyle, while sometimes can be a little too much to handle, shows that opposites really do attract. The two will definitely be remembered in TV's bromance hall of fame.

Do you know Jake Peralta better than his BFF?

This quiz is going to test your Peralta knowledge. You may know his favourite musician, or that he is a devout fan of the Die Hard movies, but can you remember what line comes next? Can you identify which words come next in the following 15 quotes?

Answers at the end!

2. "It's The Most Fun Day Of The Year."


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